Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Helmets can be cool - giveaway time!

When I first bought my bike I hated the idea of having to wear a helmet and considered rebelling by not wearing one. I could not find anything remotely even okay to match the awesomeness of my bike and ended up picking up the least dicky helmet I could find at my local Big W store. I rode my bike once after that - the helmet being the reason (my husband will argue otherwise).

I came to my senses when I realised that the po-po's would probably not give me a warning and would fine me on the spot if they caught me without the necessary headwear. 

I knew there must have been a better solution out there so I took to Google and stumbled across nutcase helmets. It was LOVE at first sight ...well as much love as one could have for a helmet. 

They have a multitude of interesting designs (and plain ones too for those not so adventurous) and offer three sizes in the street helmet. Removable padding can be added or removed to customise your fit = win, win! The range includes street helmets as well as specialised helmets for water and snow sports. 

EVERY time I wear my helmet I get a multitude of compliments and SO WILL YOU if you win my give-away.

The kind folks over at Nutcase have offered to give away one of their unique helmets to one of my readers. You can choose the style and size and nutcase will have it shipped to you. Easy! 

Don't have a bike? No worries! Win a helmet and THEN find a bike to match!

What do you have to do to win?

Head on over to the Nutcase Helmets Australiasia facebook page and leave a comment about your favourite style and how you'd rock it. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post also to let me know you have entered. I will select the most original and entertaining answer as the winner on Friday 26th October 2012. I'd love to see the lucky winner post a photo wearing the winning helmet over at the Nutcase facebook page : )

Stay cool

(everyone welcome to enter!)


  1. I would enter but I dont ride :( I guess I could just wear it as an accessory :P Looking forward to seeing the winnin entry!

  2. I love riding with all my boys but HATE wearing an ugly helmet! I would go with the red polka dot style to make sure I look like a girl and not just one of the boys!

  3. The Gen2 Fly-boy or checkerboard styles would make the perfect Christmas gift for my husband, who has just started mountain biking again. Double sided gift-he gets the helmet, I get a super sexy toned husband, win-win!

  4. This is such a fantastic giveaway, and a super practical one!

    I've had my retro, creamy, dream of a bicycle for over a year now and still haven't found the perfect helmet - for the same reasons as yours, I hadn't found one cute enough to match how cute my bike is! And it has deterred me from getting down with my bad self on my bike! So to solve my problems I would choose the Nutcase Street GEN2 'Candy Swirl' because not only is it fun, girly + colourful, but it looks like a hard boiled retro lolly. Which is also is my husbands nick name for me - Lollie. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my spring afternoons than busting out my bicycle of the confines of my spare room, and actually being able to ride it guilt free because I have the cutest helmet that will bring out my sweet side!


  5. I just entered! I want that Union Jack one soooooooo badly ommmmmmggggggg.

  6. Oh the anticipation Peta, did I miss who won?!?!? :)

  7. Did we miss it? Love to know who won a fab new head-case! :)