Monday, 29 October 2012

What do you want for Christmas?

Do you have trouble coming up with gift ideas for yourself? I find I buy things throughout the year that I want so really struggle when asked 'what do you want for Christmas?'

So here is what is on my current wishlist ... given that a move to the sunshine coast is imminent, a one year wedding anniversary is a week away and Christmas is 8 weeks away!!!

Rose gold Michael Kors watch ... (buy here on sale)

Can't go past a bit of Nigella ... (buy here)
this outfit (and that hair too) ... (buy here)

Karen Walker super duper strength sunglasses (plenty on eBay)
  • an instagram poster (buy here)
  • this print
  • a voucher for a large canvas ... need to get some wedding photos done!
  • some nice bed linen ... queen size
  • sandals for summer
  • this drinks dispenser ... so pretty (even if we only filled it with cordial)
  • skirts, dresses, singlets and tunics for my new coastal lifestyle

That should give some gift buyers some hints. What are you asking Santa for this Christmas?

(giveaway winner announced soon)


  1. Wow so many great ideas! I love love the skirt and think I will def order an instagram poster - such an awesome idea!

  2. I was just saying the other day I need to expand my Nigella collection. I can read her cookbooks like they are novels. I love them!

  3. you're getting in early! so organised, I love it :) ahh I've been lemming those kw super duper sunnies, I think they may have to go on my wishlist too! x

  4. I could make you that skirt ;)

  5. Wow, thats one great wishlist! I hadn't thought that far ahead, but I wouldn't mind a trip to Asia for Christmas, do you think I should ask Santa for that? hehe

    Love that flouro skirt!

  6. Artscow is a great place to go online for canvas prints. We recently got some family shots done and they turned out really nice from there, and the price is hard to beat. They have lots of specials each week for diy gift ideas coming up to Christmas too!