Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I like to ride my bicycle, i like to ride my bike ...

It's national ride to work day and I decided to overcome my fear of being swooped by a magpie and ride to work. Man, I love my bike and know I should ride it more often. 

forever 21 dress | diva bangle | katies ballet flats | ray ban sunnies/glasses

I can't help but think I look a little plump in these photos. I was excited to find out I hadn't put on any weight after jumping on the scales after getting back from the US. It's a week later and perhaps it is catching up with me now?!
Stay tuned for a giveaway this afternoon - very exciting!


  1. Welcome home! You don't look plump at all you crazy women. You look gorgeous! Love the dress and the bike. I so want a bike. I might have to ask santa for one for Christmas :-)

  2. LOVE that helmet! I have the same one in neon pink, but I don't have a bike so I can never wear it! I should rectify that.

    I don't think you look plump at all!

    can't wait to hear more about your trip :) x

  3. You don't look plump, you look stunning! Love that dress! x