Monday, 6 May 2013

Ag-a-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple, shake the tree

Have you ever worn an outfit and then almost immediately regretted it once you're out in public? That could be the case for me today given in my first thirty minutes at work this morning I was referred to as big bird and been told that I have pumpkin legs. Hmmm, perhaps a bad choice?

Coloured tights may not be everyone's cup of tea but when Sussan are selling 120 denier (super thick giving complete coverage) for $10.00 off the regular selling price (bringing them down to $6.95) I had to pick some up. I bought these and a scarlet pair and am thinking of going back to get some of the cobalt ones. The hardest thing when wearing coloured tights is picking a shoe colour to match. Oh, and having the confidence to forget about what others are thinking about your attire. Other bloggers that rock coloured tights regularly are rebecca over at the clothes horse and marisa at the shades of monet chronicles
white closet dress | sussan tights | katies ballet flats

Oh, I also got my quite pregnant belly out on the beach on the weekend. The husband and I had a lovely Saturday and the weather was just glorious - over twenty eight degrees in May - I knew there was a reason we moved here! I heard some lifesavers behind me whispering about my body - thank god one of them had some sense to say 'she is quite obviously pregnant' ... well thanks, um, i think.
now, less than three months to go! I am frightened at how big this belly is going to get. No signs of any stretch marks just yet - let's hope it stays that way.

Happy Monday.


  1. I really love this dress Peta, and think this outfit is just down right awesome! In the last week before I had my baby, a customer at my work commented that she thought I had just put on a lot of weight and didn't know that I was pregnant! I also didn't have a single stretch mark on my belly and when I was in hospital they suddenly appeared. So take your bio oil with you!

  2. I think that outfit is really cool. As long as you feel comfortable, that's all that matters.

  3. that dress is cute! but I know what you mean, when you're wearing something you hate, you feel so self conscious all day! so negative of your colleagues though, I would never say anything about someone's outfit!

    gorgeous bump, you look great! x

  4. I love coloured tights and they match that awesome dress perfectly!! xx

  5. I love coloured tights! I have mustard red and purple. I usually wear them with boots. Looking good! The next 10 weeks is going to go so fast.

  6. I love your outfit, I think it's really cute!