Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hump Day, Bump Day ... and wedgie wackers: Week 27 Edition

I keep seeing posts in my blog feed about overalls or dungarees or whatever you want to call them. I can see  that some people can pull them off (kind of) but all I think of when I see overalls is one thing. 

Eh, you say?

Back in 1995/1996 overalls were THE hottest thing out. I had a light denim long pair and a pair of tencel (who remembers that?) black short pair both from Just Jeans. I loved and lived in them. I wore the long ones to one of the first 'socials' I went to in grade 8. For some reason a guy that I went to primary school with decided it would be a good idea to give me a wedgie. It was a wedgie where my feet were not touching the ground. To add to the humiliation my overalls broke and wait for it ... I cried. SHAME.

Fast forward seventeen years (am I really that old?!) and I've ditched the tomboy who used to get around in converse basketball shorts and oversized nike tees and replaced her (or is that him?) with quite the girly wardrobe. I feel a bit huge in this dress but LOVE the pattern and LOVE the monochrome. 

asos maternity dress (here

sizing note: wish I would have got the size 8 (this is a 10)


  1. Overalls remind me of my first year of uni when I was mega busy trying to be oh so hipster haha. I always thought they made me look eight years old. But if others can pull them off then go for it, I say!

    I love that dress on you, the print is gorgeous. Can't believe you're 27 weeks already, you're looking amazing! xx

  2. We call them dungarees here (taken from the Hindi word dungri for coarse calico). They were hugely fashionable in the 1980s! That dress is so feminine and pretty on you. x

  3. Love this dress. so stylish.

  4. ha I remember tencel! I got a pair of tencel jeans for my 10th birthday and thought I was the coolest. I also had a pair of neon orange short overalls when I was about 8, they were truly hideous but I loved them.

    you don't look huge in that dress at all! love the print x

  5. Boys are so mean! I will never wear overalls again, haha. That dress is so pretty :]

  6. Hahaha! I had tencel overalls! They were so comfy!

    Love the dress too! Whats the fabric like?

  7. I know exactly what you are talking about... I had a burgundy tencel pair of short overalls, and a black tencel long pair! I remember wearing the long pair to my first concert (Silverchair at Brisbane's Festival Hall - Daniel Johns and I were both 15 and I thought it was true love), with a blue, black and silver striped Westcomidriff t-shirt underneath. Oh, and with my black suede Rollers too! I thought I was THE SHIZZNESS!

    Love that pattern on you, Peta!