Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bump Day not Hump Day: Week 28 Edition

I'm back online after being phoneless for four days. I managed to leave my phone outside on Saturday and it poured. There was no saving that baby. I think my husband really enjoyed the fact that I wasn't on my phone 24/7 catching up on instagram, playing candy crush or browsing ebay. In the 14 or so hours I've been back online I think I've somewhat caught up.

I'm moved into the final trimester of this pregnancy and although I am SO excited to meet our little man and overly intrigued to see what he looks like I have had the occasional oh shit moment. Like, oh shit, I have no idea how to look after a baby - I am beyond clueless but know that the husband and I will figure it out.

I'm still going really well - I get the occasional niggle and this boy is very active but I can't complain. I know I have had it very lucky. I've having a baby shower in two weeks and can't wait to see people I haven't seen since we moved up to the coast.

thrifted vintage dress | thrifted martini trench | chinese cheapie bow kitten keels

I need your advice too stylers. Pregnant or not, what top/knit/coat would you team with these pants?

till next time


  1. I was having the same thoughts about not knowing how to look after a baby, especially considering I held a baby for the first time 8 months ago! I've never been a baby person really. When Luke & I would talk about what things would be like when Romy arrived and we spoke about me going back to work for one day a week, he freaked out because he had never looked after a baby before. After my week in hospital where there were a couple of nights that I couldn't even get out of the shower or bed I was in so much pain, Luke had to do everything and it really boosted his confidence. Now when we talk about when I'll go back to work he gets excited about having Romy all to himself. When they cry - check their nappies, burp them, feed them.

    How exciting about your baby shower! I hope you'll post pictures!

  2. Aww, happy "hump" day. I would choose a neutral color to pair with those pants.

  3. I'd team a lace or simple cotton black top with those pants.. I will be here to help you should you need it or have any questions, it's all a learning curve but you will love it x

  4. It must be so exciting being so close to meeting your little guy! Those pants are lovely! Any neutral knit and/or a leather or denim jacket would work I think! :)