Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gumtree is for Me

Hey ya'll. So, the husband and I are definitely moving and are very close to settling on a house in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. The house has polished timber floors with four bedrooms and considering we only have two beds I thought we needed to increase our stock by one or two. I had visited Snooze earlier in the week and was slightly shocked at the price of beds, mattresses and ensembles. I decided to give eBay and Gumtree a try and searched for beds in the Toowoomba, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region. When I stumbled across this beauty and I knew the husband would like it, I pounced. The husband who seems to like doing up (conservative estimate (inside joke)) budgets was quite pleased when I told him I had bought this bed for 10% of the $2000 he had assigned for a new bed. 

To some people it may look dirty, weathered and not one bit appealing to sleep in but it is completely 'us'  and I can't wait to style it in our new house. Over to pinterest I go for ideas!