Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Melbourne Cup - Office Style

Here's what I wore to work today on Melbourne Cup day. I failed at the office sweeps and have drunk a whole bottle of wine. I'm very much unsure whether I should drive home at this stage. 

vintage dress | mollini heels | assorted accesories

For those of you who are regular op shoppers and those who buy things which you ponder whether you will actually EVER will wear will understand today's predicament. Today's choice is a beautiful pastel purple vintage frock that I can so imagine someone wearing to a Saturday night dance in the 50s but probably not the best length for someone of my height. I decided to wear it anyway incase I never wear it again. The shoes were my original wedding choice shoe.

For a bit of variety, here is the rock dog totally lovin' some knock off ray bans purchased in San Francisco.

Any some work out shots ... these are for you, Megan! My bestie has lost loads of kilos and is such an inspiration. It was so awesome for her to come along to my Friday afternoon pump class last Friday.

Hop everyone had a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. Such a pretty vintage dress. You look great all dressed up for the cup.

  2. I LOVE those shoes, they're amazing! that's a gorgeous dress too, I think the length is fine on you, especially in heels x

  3. Loving the glomesh purse! Gorgeous! My mum gave me her old one - very 'vintage' :)