Tuesday, 20 March 2012

3 Little Things Market

On Saturday my gal pal M and I spent four hours as stallholders at Toowoomba's first three little things market.

After some initial and MAJOR complications with the clothing racks we had brought along, we were ready just in time for the onslaught of customers who barged through the roller door at ten am. There were people lining up at least half an hour prior to opening which I was surprised about as I was unsure how many people would actually attend given what seemed like limited outside-of-Facebook advertising.

Booking a stall early really did pay off as we were the first stall that most customers came to as we were stall number one right near the goodie bag table (and the entrance)

M has recently started a styling business and her wonderful way of putting items together I think really contributed to the attractiveness of our stall. Check her out her facebook page here and blog here.

The fee for the stall was $55 and split between two people wasn't expensive at all. I was pleasantly surprised to make around $275 profit and would consider participating in the market if it was brought back to Toowoomba in the future.

(these iphone photos were edited with the instagram-like app pixlromatic)


  1. You guys set the stall up really quirky and cute. You definitely made a lovely profit there. Hey I have a giveaway if you wanted to check it out :)

  2. I like your stall's little additions, the frames are a nice touch!

  3. Love what you have done,Whats the rules with 3 litle things market (question mark as mines not working)
    Love that pink lace in last pic bet that sold fast.

  4. I didnt even know it was on! boo! Love your style xx