Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hunter and Gatherer

I don't know how many of you saw this post about my love and quest for a pair of Hunter gumboots.

Well fast forward a week or so and I've made the money required by selling a few unused items on eBay so I've decided that a pair will be on their way to me. 

I now have to decide which colour to get. I'm tossing up between a bit of an out-there choice and a safe option.

Red like blogger Atlantic Pacific who I have recently discovered and have a MAJOR style crush on?

or Black like a whole host of celebs?

I think I'm going to have to get the adjustable boots to be safe as I've never had too much luck with boots and my larger-than-average calves.

These are the colour options in the adjustable boots.

images from hunter website

The aubergine and black also come in gloss

Which colour would you choose? I'm going to buy tomorrow so would adore all of your opinions!

Peta xxx


  1. Hot!!! I like Aubergine and Black the best, as they're more formal and that's what I like about these boots - how stylish they look for gumboots! I actually blogged about gumboots today, this wet wet weather had me thinking about keeping dry lol.

  2. I'd probably be boring and get black so I could ensure they go with everything, but gosh I do love the red and the fuchsia!

    Can't wait to see what you pick :)

  3. Peta! Hope you're well. I'd go with Aubergine. They go with black and brown as well as neutrals in general. But you can't go wrong with black as well.

  4. Mmmm there is a theme here....2 to 1 at the minute. lol. I love the Aubergine the best and think they are dark enough to give you what black could but be better. I think the black are a bit ho hum - one of the pics has a black pair with a pattern on them, now they would be good. Second choice would have to be the red.... Good luck making a choice :o)

  5. agree with above, aubergine for sure, 2nd choice red

  6. I have some black ones and I love them but I also really like the dark olive.