Friday, 16 March 2012

I hunted and I gathered

Thanks to all of you who left a comment on this post or on Facebook about colour choice for my long awaited Hunter wellies. In the end I decided to go with the safe option and ordered the Hunter Original Adjustable Wellington Boots in gloss black for a bit of pizzazz. I was super excited to get the asos 20% off email just as I was about to place my order over at Country Attire but then was sadly let down when I received the 'this item does not qualify for the applied discount' message. BOO!!

I figure if these fit good and I love them I may treat myself to another pair in red or pink. I am after all, moving to a very raining place (the Sunshine Coast) within the next year and they will be much needed!

Very much looking forward to the 3 little things market that my beautiful friend M and I have booked a stall at tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we sell, sell, sell. I think our store is going to look pretty inviting. Pics on Monday.

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My newest pin makes me want my long hair back. How awesome is it?!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend xxx

p.s. my wedding has been featured on the gorgeous lady who did my wedding makeup's blog - go check her out.


  1. Aww I hate that (when a discount doesnt apply to all items). At least you hadn't just bought them before you saw the asos code - then you would have been upset and wouldn't have known that it didn't work :)

  2. LOVE that hairstyle! =)

  3. Hi Peta, thanks for the message :) My email is lisasimplyme AT, would you be able to email me so I can email back with my address? Thanks xx

  4. The whole discount doesnt apply for that item, happens to me all the time it sux. Your wedding pics are beautiful!

  5. Oh my gosh you have made my day I didnt realise ASOS sold Hunters! Very jealous of your purchase! Going to find you on pinterest and instagram now.

  6. OMG your hair looks amazing!!! I'm off to check out your wedding pics (im getting married in 4 weeks - eep!) xx