Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Unfortunately I didn't have a whole lot of time this morning to properly think about how I wanted to wear my new Cotton On Exclusives top so just tried to match a colour in the top with an item in my wardrobe. In steps a favourite oppy find ... this neon yellow Cue Skirt.

 Cotton On shirt, Cue skirt (thrifted), old faithful flats (eBay), vintage bow tie

Do you think my nails look a bit juvenile? Well too bad, I like them. I used China Glaze Sexy Lady and Hey Sailor. I'm also trying to embrace my curls as they get so many compliments. I just have to forget about the frizz.

I missed doing a buy of the week last week but holy moley I couldn't believe my luck when Myer at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast had a five dollar rack in the Miss Shop Department. I scored Riders and Bettina Liano jeans, a finders keepers dress, a ladakh dress and a kuku dress. Regular price, the items totalled up to over $600. I got them for $25!!! I may be selling some of them at the 3 little things market on this weekend in Toowoomba. One of my besties, M (check out her blog here) and I have booked a stall together. Hopefully we'll be able to sell some unused items in our wardrobes and make some good dosh!

Have a super Wednesday xxx


  1. Holy frack! THAT is how you wear a bow tie! This is an awesome outfit, and you look like a sweetheart! I can't believe you thrifted that CUE skirt, I would have had a mini heart attack if I had of found that. So glad you posted about that awesome Cotton On deal. I picked up a sweet new green dress with black polka dots.


  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous shirt, goes so well with your skirt, love your hair too x

  3. That shirt is amazing! Love it with the neon yellow skirt and bright nails, awesome outfit xx

  4. The shirt looks GREAT!! Love the bow tie with it. You look so cute x

  5. You are just fabulous, a riot of fantastic colour and no, your nails are gorgeous. x