Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I've been feeling a little less than enthused about posting outfit photos recently just because I feel pathetic when I compare myself to the 'real' bloggers out there.

Oh well, here are some photos showcasing today's outfit anyway.

asos heart print blouse, target skirt, cotton on wedges, river island belt, collette purse (gift from the lovely Jess)

Shopping with my twinnie this weekend at the Gold Coast - can't wait.

Enjoy your Wednesday xxx


  1. Oh I like your outfits post... and if it's any consolation, to me you are a 'real’ blogger LOL

    Meanwhile... Are those wedges comfy? I was looking at buying some too :)

    Love love LOVE the heart print top! Adorable! And the belt is mega cute too!

  2. You are a real blogger. Sometimes it's hard not to feel inferior because some bloggers take amazing pictures that look like they're from fashion magazines but to be honest I would much rather see realistic outfit posts. I love the heart shirt. Um..those wedges are from Cotton On? But they're so amazing. I thought Cotton On only sold t shirts and undies. Shows what I know.

  3. Your outfit posts are great dont stop. But I do get what you mean when I see many out ther I get a bit deflated too.I figure tho that I am doing it for me not anyone else so wil keep doing it even tho I have been slack in last couple of months.

  4. Real woman in real outfits are far more inspirational than all those "perfect" bloggers out there. If we wanted perfection we'd buy magazines!
    Love those orange wedges and your heart print blouse. x
    PS Emailing you now!

  5. You are not pathetic! Your a great blogger with great outfits. I seem to have forgotten to update my reader when you changed blogs so I lost you for a bit there. I have tagged you in a meme on my blog today.